Monday, September 23, 2013

Depression concept

I haven't posted anything for a long while due to a very hectic schedule, working on Noah and then taking on a class at Animschool. It's hard to describe when I hit a depressive state, and when I try to explain it using words, it often comes out the wrong way. I think of it in my head one way, but then the translation into words fails on me. So in my state illness(a hard cold) and feeling defeated emotionally, I harnessed it and drew up this quick concept on how I feel. I plan to further refine it.

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Håvard S. Johansen said...

A drawing can express more than words. Plus, it´s more open for analysis. In this way, perhaps it´s both more therapeutic and at the same time, one can learn more.

I like this drawing quite a bit. Keep at it, my friend :)